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About Our
Online A level Courses
for Distance Learning 

Studying online A level courses for distance-learning student offer great flexibility and maximum benefits to you where you can lengthen or shorten the course duration based on your own discreet choice without any ties down to pre-scheduled online classes which might not fit with your other work or life commitments.  What's special about our courses is that they're all delivered through a range of exciting digital materials including curriculum-based online tutorials videos designed exclusively by our tutors for our online A level courses, in addition, each chapter of the course comes with loads of interactivities practice questions, handouts,  end of chapter tests, and unlimited tutors supports by emails, and scheduled online meetings based on requests, Our digital learning model will make you online A level courses easier than the traditional distance-learning!

Benefit of Studying online A level Courses
and progressing to University

Studying online A level courses paves your way to progression to university degree and is considered the highest level on the scale of school education in Britain. Full A-level is usually taught over two years. Whether online distance learning or full-time mode, gaining A-level qualifications in three different subjects qualifies students for a direct entry to first year university provided their marks meet the admission criteria and the subjects are related to the intended degree.

Online A level Courses
Progression to University

Selecting the right Online A level Courses / Subjects to Study

Choosing the right online A level course can be a tough decision; It requires careful consideration about your future goals. Our Online A-level courses are designed to help students achieve their full potential and prepare them well for their exams. With a focus on key subjects like Maths and Science, our courses provide a comprehensive overview of the A-level core subjects and help students build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Currently, we offer the below A-level distance-learning courses with more courses down the pipeline coming up soon:

How Long Will it Take to Complete Your Online A level Course?

Each of our online AS-level and A2-level distance-learning courses require approximately 300 study hours per course to complete over 9 to 12 months. Students can however complete courses at a faster rate if dedicated adequate time for their study. The below is a guideline of different 2 scenarios to help you with estimating the time needed to complete a course for each of the AS and A2 levels:

  • For 12 months study plan: you would need 6 hours a week per 1 subject.

  • For 9 months study plan: you would need about 8 hours a week per 1 subject.


In all cases, you would need to allow for 4 weeks revision period before the exam to revise and practice past exams papers.

There are also several factors to take into consideration when estimating your course duration, such as the number of subjects you are studying concurrently, your current employment status, and family commitments.

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