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Online AS level Biology Free Trials

  • 2Weeks
  • 6Steps


This's just a free online AS level Biology OCR taster chapter from our Online AS level Biology course for young and adult who are interested in distance learning course. Remember that you’re attending here at our website and Not at our eLearning platform which is completely different. Our eLearning platform is equipped with full capabilities to host online courses and it’s very rich with a variety type of resources that we’ve made available to our students. Our actual courses are delivered with rich materials including tutorial videos enriched with illustrations, simulations & interactivities for each lesson, auto-graded practice questions, end-of-chapter-test, and tutor support by email or on-demand for online meetings. This trial chapter contains tutorial videos and some quizzes to assess progress & understanding. Who knows, starting with this trial chapter might be a small step but it could enable you to determine the next step in your educational journey and pave your way to a rewarding university degree or a pleasing career. All the best!

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