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Choosing Our Online Courses for A levels for Adults

Our online courses for A levels for Adults are just as rich as the courses delivered in traditional school premises. We provide you with access to our eLearning platform to the course page where you would find the learning materials which include tutorial videos that cover each chapter in line with the exam board specifications as opposed to the traditional A level online where it relies to a great extent on the students efforts to teach themselves from a set of printed papers or textbooks  after delivering 1 or 2 hour online class.

A level Maths for Adults - OBA School x

As a student, you can benefit from studying with us courses for A levels for Adults because of the below:


  1. You will have all of the learning materials 24/7 at our eLearning platform

  2. Every lesson of the curriculum is made available to you in tutorial videos

  3. A large percentage of our tutorial videos include animated simulations, interactive resources and virtual labs experiments for the science based courses so that you can learn through visualisation instead of a static PDF and Word files.

  4. Ongoing internal tests and assignments similar to previous exams questions format to continuously assess your progress and work on improvement accordingly

  5. Unlimited tutors support by email or online meeting based on request   

Please watch our illustration video below to know what we've prepared for you at our eLearning platform! 

Choosing OBA School Courses for A levels for Adults

To know the ease of our courses for A level for adults, imagine a Maths lesson that you studied back in time in a physical class, think about the same lesson if it was initially delivered to you through a PDF file; would you have been able to understand it? 

In the same way, imagine the lesson was delivered to you strictly through online class where a pre-define time was allocated for the class and the tutor cannot extend it while you still haven't grasped significant amount of the new lesson!

Now, imagine our model of teaching delivery for our online courses for A level for adults, our explanation for the difference is shown in the below video!

The Digital Learning Materials That We've Prepared for Our Courses for A levels for Adults

In the following demo, you would find more about our interactive contents that we've made available for our online courses for A levels for Adults at our eLearning platform to ease their learning multiple of times compared to traditional physical or online classes

Choosing the right online A level course can be a tough decision; It requires careful consideration about your future goals. Our Online A-level courses are designed to help students achieve their full potential and prepare them well for their exams. With a focus on key subjects like Maths and Science, our courses provide a comprehensive overview of the A-level core subjects and help students build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Currently, we offer the below courses for A level for adults:

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